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Brewing Tips

Get the very best from our beans

V60 pour over

Do you just want a great tasting quick brew? Grind 18 grams of beans and add to the filter paper placed into the V60, pop on top of the cup or mug and pour water just below boiling temperature in slow circles to cover the coffee, the brew has started. Repeat pouring in slow small circles until you have about 140-190 grams total. Use a digital scale if possible to get it just right or 140-190 grams is the same in mL


Similar to V60 this is a coffee for one but the brew takes a little longer at about 4 minutes. Grind 18-23 grams of coffee beans and add boiling water into the press up to level 2 for a flat white, latte or Cappuccino or up to 4 for a delicious Americano. Stir and place the plunger in at an angle and pull slightly up to help stop the water from leaking into the cup. At the end of 4 minutes press the plunger for about 10 seconds. The Aeropress makes a superb coffee as the pressure simulates the machine in a good cafe.

French press/ Cafetiere

Like the Aeropress except you can make coffee to share. 18 grams of coffee beans ground per person. Slightly courser ground than for the V60 or Aeropress as you want the coffee to stay under the filter when you press it. 140-190 grams/mL of water just off boiling, pour, stir, brew for 4 minutes, plunge and serve.

Moka Pot

Another great method for sharing although like the Cafetière you can buy single cup Moka pots. 18 grams of coffee beans per person and boil the water, pour into the bottom chamber just below the valve. Add the ground coffee beans to the filter and gently push down with a table spoon to level it out (not too hard as we want this in there fairly lightly packed). Screw the pot into the top, use a tea towel to hold it as the base will be hot. Place on the stove at a medium heat and keep the lid open. The key now is to stop the brew quickly when you hear it spitting. Run the Moka pot under some cold water which will keep the seal in good condition and serve the coffee straight away.

Any questions please send us an email and we will do our best to help you get the best from our beans.

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